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Conference programs April 26-29; Pre-Conference programs April 24-26: Principles & Practices Institute, Certification Workshop, & Half/One/Two-Day Workshops; Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas  USA  Learn more... 

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NEW! Human Performance Technology
A Learning Guide for Performance Improvement

Time, date, or location is no longer an obstacle to beginning your performance improvement journey. ISPI partnered with ImprovID to create a self-paced learning guide for performance improvement. The aim of the guide is to provide you with an introduction to human performance technology concepts and the Certified Performance Technologist Standards, and then to link HPT to various aspects of human resources and training.

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ISPI Members Receive 20% off Kirkpatrick Programs
Kirkpatrick Certification
ISPI and Kirkpatrick Partners have teamed up to provide ISPI members a 20% discount on selected Kirkpatrick certificate and certification programs (available online and in-person). Both programs qualify for CPT recertification points. Click here to view a comparison of the two programs, or click on the link below for complete information and registration:

  • Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program
  • Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certificate Program

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What is the Performance Technology Toolkit?
The Performance Technology Toolkit is a collection of 23 reusable tools in an electronic PDF format. The tools are organized into six portfolios:

  1. Project Management [Click here to view full table of contents]
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Development and Implementation
  5. Evaluation [Click here to view full table of contents]
  6. Presentation Guidelines

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NEW!  50% Off Wiley Publications
This holiday season Wiley has generously offered 50% off any title (excluding subscription products). This is a great time to add to your personal library or give a gift to your colleagues! To receive the discount, simply go to and enter code "ISPI4" when you checkout. This offer lasts through January 31, 2015 -- so there's plenty of time to treat yourself or others!

NEW! Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: A Path to Strategic Success Presentation
ISPI has developed a 90-minute presentation, leader guide, and two handouts, Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: A Path to Strategic Success, to assist those in- and outside our profession with introducing performance improvement to colleagues, clients, students, or anyone new to the field.

Download Today and help us spread a common message for improving performance around the world.

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What Is Performance Improvement? A Graphic to Make Your Explanation a Breeze
Ever been in a situation where you want to explain Performance Improvement but were unsure of the best method? Have you been talking Performance Improvement to folks who have a glazed over look? Well, fret no more. Longtime member and artist extraordinaire, Lynn Kearny, created a graphic representation of Performance Improvement, along with talking points (adjust to your own style and your audience).

Use the graphic to introduce others to performance improvement--in a way that is easier for both of you. There is nothing more motivating than to be talking about performance improvement and have other people say, "Oh, I get it!" and start applying the ideas to their own work.

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Resources Available Complimentary to ISPI Members
Performance Improvement in High-Performance Organizations -- a collaboration between i4cp and ISPI -- is a comprehensive study examining performance improvement approaches, practices, and barriers as seen through the lens of market performance.

Using Metrics that Drive Bottom Line Value -- a best practices report ISPI worked in conjunction with the American Productivity and Quality Center -- uncovered leading practices and approaches associated with successful performance measurement systems.

Dean and Ripley's Performance Improvement Pathfinders, Volume 1. Learn about those who crafted our field: B.F. Skinner, Susan Markle, Tom Gilbert, Dale Brethower, Roger Kaufman, and several others. Anyone missing? Create a dialog in the discussion area.

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Are you Looking for your Dream Job in Performance Improvement? ISPI’s Career Center is the Answer! Change is in the air and with it comes new opportunities for you to find your new perfect performance improvement career. ISPI's Career Center is growing and changing everyday. Now with over 100 jobs openings available and growing each week. As you transition into a new career we provide you access to these high-quality and industry-specific positions. Click here to visit ISPI’s Career Center.
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