Recertification is based on continued work in the field, adherence to the Code of Ethics, and the accumulation of 40 CPT re-certification points for professional development, volunteer service, and/or contributions to the field during a three-year period.

CPTs are certified and re-certified for a three-year period. To remain certified, CPTs must complete and electronically submit the Recertification Application during the period directly following the anniversary date of their initial certification. Recertification applications are due on June 15th for those CPTs whose anniversary falls between November 16 and June 15, and on November 15th for those CPTs whose anniversary falls between June 16 and November 15.  You must also maintain Gold Membership with ISPI to keep your certification as of August 1, 2016.

CPT Recertification Application


*ISPI Member                                 $175
*ISPI Organizational Member      $175
**Retired CPT                                   $100

*You must be a Gold Member of ISPI in good standing

This is a yearly membership fee that must be paid in order to keep your certification.

**If you have retired and want to keep your CPT status there is a one time fee of $100, otherwise your CPT will be considered expired if not paid.

 If you have questions, please call 301-587-8570 or email

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