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Recorded - Jim Hill

Using Web 2.0 to Maximize Organizational Performance

Jim Hill, CPT, EdD, CEO, Proofpoint Systems Inc.
Recorded November 4, 2009

Jim HillIndustry experts point out that -- with the advent of Web 2.0 and the need to support more collaborative environments -- many manual, paper-based processes are quickly moving to the internet. Performance analysis is one such process. Rather than relying on uncertain practitioner skill levels; time consuming, non-standard practices; and information that is fleeting and hard to access, Web 2.0 offers the opportunity to use high collaborative networks and easily accessible self-help methods to dramatically improve analysis and solution selection. Dr. Hill will join you to explore the world of 2.0 and the significant improvements it can offer in cost, time, accuracy -- and performance.


  • Showcase Web 2.0 applications that support rapid analysis and decision-making
  • Discuss how these tools can be used in your organization


  • Gain familiarity with Web 2.0 tools that support performance improvement
  • Increase your knowledge and mastery of many performance improvement processes
  • Establish yourself as a leading information source regarding web-based HPT tools


Dr. Jim Hill is the founder and CEO of Proofpoint Systems, a global provider of Web 2.0 systems that support individual and organizational performance improvement.

As a career officer in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Hill was an acknowledged expert in the areas of leadership and performance. As an executive with Sun Microsystems he was responsible for establishing numerous regional and global productivity organizations.

He has been recognized by Training magazine, and featured in Sales and Marketing Management magazine, and Japanese Management Journal. Based on the success of his organization’s applications, he has also been recognized by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. On behalf of Proofpoint, he has been a three-time finalist for the American Business Awards. He has also received three ISPI Awards of Excellence. He is a past president of ISPI.

His chapter in the Handbook of Human Performance Technology, 3d Edition (2006), Professional Ethics: A Matter of Duty, was selected as required reading for the 2008 International Relations program of the London Metropolitan University.

Dr. Hill and his wife, Aiko, have four children. They reside in Los Altos, California.


PO Box 13035, Silver Spring, Maryland  20910  USA  |  Ph: 1-301-587-8570 Fx: 1-301-587-8573