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About Performance Improvement Journal
Published in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Performance Improvement is an acclaimed journal geared toward practitioners of performance technology in the workplace. Learn from hands-on experiences with models, interventions, "how-to" guides, and ready-to-use job aids, as well as research articles. Performance Improvement also offers updates on trends, reviews, and field viewpoints. The journal deals with all types of interventions and all phases of the HPT process. The common theme is performance improvement practice or technique that is supported by research or germane theory.

Topics of Interest
A list of possible topics to get your creativity flowing and to spark inspiration:

Business | Change | Organizational design | Technical training | Instructional systems design and architecture | Sustainability and measuring results | HPT (and the difference from one culture to others) | CPT | Training and development; web based training and development | Compliance | Regulatory | Legal | Web 2.0 | Social media | Compliance

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Author Guidelines & Submissions

If you are interested in submitting an article to Performance Improvement journal, download a copy of the Author Guidelines and the supplemental resource information provided below.

To submit a manuscript for consideration visit http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/pfi

Permissions and Rights

Please visit, www.wiley.com/go/permissions, for information on requesting permission to use material from Performance Improvement journal. Please note any deadline you may have on your request. The normal response time is four weeks.

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About the Editor
James A. Pershing, CPT, PhD - Editor-in-Chief

James Pershing

James A. Pershing, CPT, PhD, is professor emeritus in the School of Education, Indiana University (IU) and chief operating officer of Education and Management Research Associates, Bloomington, Indiana.

As an emeritus faculty member at IU, Jim is in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology and works closely with the Workplace Learning and Performance Improvement program. During his tenure at IU, he has made contributions to the definition, communication, and demonstration of HPT. Jim has researched, published, and promoted HPT widely and has mentored ISPI members, both within his university role and outside of it. Some of his most significant academic and professional contributions have come through his tutelage and mentoring of over 300 master’s or doctoral students. Many of these individuals have assumed leadership positions throughout the world in instructional or performance technology in business and industry, government, military, and academia. Also, through long-term consulting and professional development projects for a variety of national and international organizations, Jim has mentored scores of instructional and performance improvement leaders. The list includes leaders in organizations such as AT&T, Delco Electronics, Eli Lilly, General Motors, LG, NCR, SK, Samsung, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo. Through the synergism that evolves from mentoring, Jim has established a worldwide network of valued colleagues.

Jim was recognized in 2008 as an ISPI member who made significant outstanding contributions to the field of HPT and the Society with the Honorary Life Member Award. Jim was the editor for the Handbook of Human Performance Technology (2006, 3rd Edition) and previously served as editor of Performance Improvement journal. He has participated on the Research Committee, Membership Committee, and Publications Committee.. Jim continues to do research to validate ISPI initiatives. He has delivered workshops and presented many times over the years at ISPI international conferences, fall conferences, and regional conferences, such as ISPI Europe.

Jim has published in ISPI and other journals, books, and media to communicate achievements and findings in HPT; he has been published in Performance Improvement, Performance Improvement Quarterly, HRD International, HRD Quarterly, TechTrends, International Journal of Educational Technology, Strategic Human Resource Development Review, and HPT Handbooks. Jim has promoted ISPI through presentations to other professional groups, such as the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations and the Association of Educational and Communication Technology.

You may reach Jim via email at publications@ispi.org


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