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Earn Graduate Credit for Attending ISPI Educational Programs

ExcelsiorAttend any of the ISPI Educational Programs listed below and earn graduate credit through Excelsior College. Credits may be applied to an MBA program at Excelsior or put into an Excelsior credit bank* and transferred to any accepting institutions. Each student wishing to apply for academic credit will need to submit a work sample** to demonstrate an understanding and mastery of the subject matter and practical application of knowledge.

If you took any of the ISPI educational programs below after January 1, 2005, Excelsior College will grant retroactive credit upon successful completion of all requirements.  To receive credit from Excelsior College you must submit a transcript request to ISPI.  ISPI will then forward your approved transcript to Excelsior College.  Download a Request for Transcript (24 kb Word).

*  Excelsior fees: $255 fee to open a Credit Bank, and a $25 charge for each deposit made into the bank.
** A review fee will be charged by Excelsior College.

Qualifying Educational Programs

HPT Institutes

  • Principles and Practices of Performance Improvement - 3 graduate credits
  • Making the Transition to Performance Improvement - 3 graduate credits

For more information on an HPT Institute, click here.

Professional Series Workshops

  • Introduction to Serious Performance Consulting, presented by Geary Rummler, CPT, PhD - 2 graduate credits
  • Implementation: Sustaining Initiatives, presented by Judith Hale, CPT, PhD - 2 graduate credits

For more information on the Professional Series, click here.


  • Business-Driven Strategic Planning for Learning and Development, presented by Ray Svenson - 2 graduate credits
  • Change, Choices, and Consequences: Ensuring Useful Performance System Improvement, presented by Roger Kaufman - One-day version, 1 graduate credit
  • Change, Choices, and Consequences: Ensuring Useful Performance System Improvement, presented by Roger Kaufman - Three-day version, 3 graduate credits
  • Connecting Human Performance Improvement Interventions to Business Goals, presented by Robert Brinkerhoff and Dennis Dressler - 1 graduate credit
  • Evaluation of Training: Making Sense of the Morass and Building Sensible, Practical, Useful Approaches - 2 graduate credits
  • Measuring Human Capital, presented by Dennis Kravetz - 2 graduate credits

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