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THE Performance Improvement Conference 2009

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April 19 - 22


April 18 - 19

CPT Workshop:  

April 18 - 19

HPT Institute:  

April 17 - 19

Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel
Orlando, Florida
April 17 - 22, 2009

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Our theme is simple yet very profound: THE Performance Improvement Conference!

With our focus on performance technology, the International Society for Performance Improvement is in a position to be a powerful force for helping organizations successfully adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Join us at THE Performance Improvement Conference, April 19-22, 2009, in Orlando, Florida, and learn from our many expert presenters how to thrive in hard times. Come find answers to some of the most significant problems many organizations are facing, share best practices, and network with the smartest minds in the industry from around the globe. Today, more than ever, your company needs you and your knowledge of performance.

During our conference, we will continue to shape the future of performance improvement through learning, sharing, working together, and networking. We will gather great minds and practices from the environments where human performance technology (HPT), with all its potential, has so much to offer, including business, government, military, health care, academia, and other organizations. You will want to hear what they say, share your insights, help move our profession forward, and improve your performance. The knowledge available in our field is dynamic and growing. Our thought leaders are constantly adding to the foundations of that knowledge. Every year our practitioners discover new ways to implement what we have learned so far.

During our conference, we will come together to learn and share. We will build on what we know already, improve our skills at applying that knowledge, and facilitate the creation of valued results for ourselves, our clients, our organizations, and society in general. Come to Orlando, that magical destination in the Florida sun, to enhance your ability to create "the magic of improved performance."

THE Performance Improvement Conference will focus on three key areas: improving human performance in corporate settings, applying the theory and practice of human performance improvement worldwide, and sharing knowledge and innovation with those who are newly entering our profession.

What's on the Program?

THE Performance Improvement Conference 2009 starts with a premier lineup of half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops on April 18-19. Then, the conference expands into three days, April 20-22, of nearly 200 educational sessions.

Activities include orientations, dynamic roundtable discussions, networking sessions, and unique conference events to cultivate positive and productive engagement of all participants. Attendees will enjoy many opportunities to learn from current and future leaders in the field of HPT from around the world. Special features include:

  • Newcomer's Orientation
  • Worldwide Community Center, featuring special programs and mixer opportunities
  • ISPI lunch with an Awards and CPT Recognition Ceremony
  • Conference Bookstore
  • Student Case Study Competition
  • Wrap-up Party
  • Online Society
  • Opportunities to enjoy Orlando's many attractions

Who Attends?

Conference participants range from novices to experienced professionals interested in the diverse practices of HPT. This year, we particularly invite those new to the field of performance improvement and still training for the field to join us and share their insights. Our focus on the corporate setting will be well represented by the wide variety of business settings in which our participants work, including internal and external consultants, instructional designers, training directors, professors, performance technologists, performance consultants, human resource managers, executives and line managers, human factors practitioners, and organization development specialists, among others. Our special emphasis on worldwide applications for HPT is reflected in the many participants from every part of the world who attend the conference. We particularly extend an invitation to professionals from outside North America to propose presentations.

Look Back for a Glimpse Ahead

THE Performance Improvement Conference 2009 web site will be updated as new information becomes available; please visit again! For an idea of all the activities ahead, visit ISPI's 2008 conference web site for a look back at the vast array of educational and networking opportunities that takes place in the span of just one week.


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CPT SmallEarn CPT Points Toward Re-Certification!

The International performance Improvement Conference meets the requirements for 12 CPT points to re-certify as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT). For more information on the CPT program, visit Certification.


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