Awards of Excellence Committee

Chair: Tim Brock, CPT PhD
Charter: Responsible for selecting the recipients for each award based on established criteria,and for presenting the awards at the Annual Conference.
Board Liaison: Don Triner, CPT
Staff Liaison: Courtney Brooks Kamin

Conference Program Committee 2016

(A Two Year Committee)

Chair: Maja Joakim, CPT
Charter: Develop a conference program that meets the objective of the Strategic Plan. The Conference Program Committee will serve for two years. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes to the conference program, format, and focus. Within the procedures established, the Committee will be responsible for selecting all the session presenters, the opening event, and special educational activities.
Board Liaison: Klaus D. Wittkuhn, CPT
Staff Liaison: Courtney Brooks Kamin

Honorary Life Member Committee

Chair: Judith A. Hale, CPT, PhD
Charter: Identify and recommend to the Board of Directors qualified candidates for the Honorary Life Member Award. A confidential list of candidate recommendations will be submitted to the Board for consideration at the January Board meeting.
Board Liaison: Don Triner, CPT
Staff Liaison:

Chapter Partnership Committee (CPC)

Chair: Jennifer Eichenberg, CPT
Charter: Maintain and strengthen communication between chapters, leaders, and the Society. The CPC provides guidance and serves as a liaison to forming chapters and charter chapters as they work to establish and maintain local networks in support of ISPI's vision and mission.
Board LiaisonDick Handshaw
Staff Liaison: Shannon Sieff

T. F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Committee  

Chair: Byran Horveath

Charter: Identify and recommend to the Board qualified candidates for the Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award.

Board Liaison
Don Triner, CPT
Staff Liaison:

Volunteer Committee

Chair: Debbie Colbert
Charter: Advance a highly skilled, motivated, and effective workforce capable of handling the workload to accomplish ISPI’s mission and vision; align volunteer policies, programs, processes; and systems  to support ISPI’s goals and priorities; provide recruitment, development, and retention; promote continuous organizational improvement and feedback.
Board Liaison: Rose Noxon
Staff Liaison: Courtney Brooks Kamin

Certification and Accreditation Governance Committee

Chair: Andrea K. Moore, CPT
Charter: Responsible for establishing procedures and standards as well as administering all matters related to certification and accreditation.
Board LiaisonBelia M. Nel, CPT
Staff Liaison: 

Emerging Professionals Network

Chair: TBD
Charter: Recruit, engage, and retain HPT newcomers to ISPI as members, educational event attendees, and volunteers. Prepare the new generation of HPT practitioners to sustain the ISPI history and vision, and uphold the CPT standards of practice for generations to come.
Board Liaison: Scott Casad, CDR, CPT, PhD
Staff Liaison

Kaufman Award Committee

Chair: Brett Christiansen, CPT, MSc, CTDP
Charter: Identify and recommend to the Board qualified candidates for the Kaufman Award for Societal Impact.
Board Liaison: Don Triner, CPT
Staff Liaison: 

Nominations Committee

Co-Chairs: Rose Noxon
Charter: Seek qualified candidates for the Society's elected offices, involving as many members as possible in the process. The Committee will consider the largest possible number of qualified candidates, and will evaluate their qualifications, and recommend a final slate to the Board of Directors. That the slate of candidates have a minimum of two and a maximum of three candidates for President-elect, and a minimum of two candidates over the number of Director positions available, and a maximum of two candidates per position available.
Board Liaison: 
Staff Liaison: 

Research Committee

Chair: Atena Bishka
Charter: Continually evaluate research being performed for its relevance to Human Performance Technology and show the results to the ISPI membership. To encourage HPT-oriented research in a variety of forms by ISPI members and other professionals. To cooperate with other organizations to encourage relevant research. To evaluate proposals for research that the Society may at times consider funding.
Board LiaisonScott Casad, CDR, CPT, PhD
Staff Liaison: