Don Triner: ISPI President-Elect Candidate

As lifetime member and CPT, I am dedicated to the long-term success of ISPI through relevant research, value to members, and sound fiscal policy and execution. What follows is a list of what I feel the Society has to accomplish and how I think we could get there under my leadership.
1.   Become profitable
      a.  Membership value
      b. Services amazing
      c. Research leader
      d. CPTs--increase and expand

2.   Lead in the analysis of nontraditional markets for our members
      a.  Sports entertainment
      b.  Construction
      c.  Sustainability of ISPI through creating value of our members
      d.  Publish findings that create value for members to use

3.   Support the science. Stick to your knitting--expand and push the field forward
      a.  Inclusive of other fields--all phases and tools are important; where you start is most important (mega)
      b.  Be creative

4.   Expand the international outreach and impact
      a.  Europe
      b.  Asia
      c.  Africa
      d.  Can we help them out of recession?

5.   Know the WIIFM for members
      a.  Research
      b.  Business
      c.  Social media
      d.  Forums

6.   Advocate for the performance industry
      a.  CPT seal of approval
      b. Become a place where organizations and businesses can come for thought-leading advice


Core values

  • Run ISPI like a business
  • Remember we are a not-for-profit
  • Respect the science of performance
  • Make hard choices to advance the cause
  • Demand results at all levels
  • Do not forget our roots, and do not rest on that foundation--build a performance skyscraper
  • Be bold, be confident, be right, and be flexible
  • Communicate, cooperate, and coordinate