Nomination and Election Process Overview

Nomination Process 

Any ISPI member in good standing may nominate as many members as he/she would like for each position. Self-nomination is appropriate. When the time for nominations has elapsed, each member nominated will be sent the job description and qualifications for his/her nominated position. If the nominated member decides to accept the nomination and run, he/she will be asked to submit a qualification statement and several ISPI references.

Selection Process 

The Nominations Committee determines whether or not each nominee meets the posted qualifications. The committee then contacts the references for each nominee, interviews the candidate, and selects and recommends the slate to the Board of Directors. The Board approves the slate and announces to membership.

Confirmation Process 

The approved slate of candidates is then put forth to the membership in mid-January to confirm their selection for office.

Election Process Overview

ISPI Headquarters:
1) Receives nominations
2) Sends Nominations Packet to nominees

1) Responds with "Willing to Run" agreement
2) Submits Qualifications Statement to Nominations Committee
Nominations Committee:
1) Reviews Qualifications Statement and calls references
2) Calls each of the potential candidates
3) Recommends a slate of candidates to ISPI Board
ISPI Board:
1) Accepts slate of candidates

ISPI Members:
1) Confirm slate
2) New Board and ISPI Members Celebrate