Scott Casad: ISPI President-Elect Candidate

I believe ISPI’s principles in action are to be a better professional and to make a better world, and we must engage our humanity to remain relevant.


Our priority is the professional growth of our members. This includes mentoring emerging professionals, certifying mid-career practitioners, learning from seasoned consultants, and engaging our retired champions. Furthermore, we must remain committed to our evidence-based practice and integration of research. Collectively, this is how ISPI serves to make you a better performance improvement professional. I intend to build upon these human experiences to create community, generate revenue, and sustain the Society.


I expect our members who are served by the Society to, in turn, be in service to the world. This means giving back to the Society that helped you; be a volunteer, serve each other. We are a volunteer-driven society, and the professional management of our Board and committees is critical. We must invest in a professional staff. Giving back also means serving our local chapters, our universities, and our communities. ISPI must cultivate these opportunities, so that your talents make the world a better place. You may know your carbon footprint; do you know your service handprint?

We are an “international” society and have to further explore our global influence. Our relationships in Europe, Asia, and Africa are growing and show great promise. We must engage them fully.


Finally, I have no doubt that why we do performance improvement is just as important as how we do it, and maybe even more so.