The 2018 Performance Improvement Conference
Seattle, WA

“Meaningful Work by Design”

Call-for-Presentations Due by September 5, 2017

It's that time again- time to plan The 2018 Performance Improvement Conference, which will be held in Seattle, Washington (Date TBD). This means it’s time to reach out those who may want to present at the conference to submit a proposal.

This year’s conference is about thinking differently. We invite you to share your knowledge, insight, research, and practices to broaden our perspective, expand our knowledge, and to think in new ways!

Proposal Process



The conference theme will be Meaningful Work by Design, focusing on the application of design thinking to performance improvement, and how to create and sustain meaning at work. It’s a way of expanding our thinking about the practice of performance improvement, and achieving extraordinary results for the people, departments, and organizations we work with.


“Design thinking suggests that better answers happen when 5 people work on a problem for a day, than one person for five days.”


Keeping with the concept of doing things differently, presentations for the 2018 conference will be in four different formats:

1. 20-Minute Roundtable
2. 1-hour short format
3. 2-hour “spotlight” format
4. 3-hour “deep dive” format

The conference will explore the Meaningful Work by Design concept via eight different tracks:

  1. Roundtables
  2. Your Professional Network
  3. Meaningful, Leadership, and Change
  4. Design Thinking, Innovation, and Transformation
  5. Broadening your Aperture
  6. Learning & Development Strategies
  7. Tried and True Practices
  8. Speaking of Research

To learn more about the theme, formats, and tracks, or to submit a proposal by September 5, 2017 to present at the 2018 Performance Improvement Conference, click here.

Download this template to help you prepare your Conference submission.

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Proposal Template
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