Design Your Future

Contribute and participate in our FutureLabs at the 2017 ISPI Conference.

ISPI Future LabsThe upcoming conference will be different from past conferences. It will not only feature workshops and presentations that share thought leadership but also collaborative opportunities to create thought leadership!

When humans and robots work together and depend on each other, when Cyborgs blur the borders between humans and robots and have capabilities that humans don’t have, when mind and matter are brought together to enhance human capacity like we do with Siri, Cortana and other personal assistant systems, it raises the question: "How have - and will - technological advances like these change our understanding of human performance?"  and  "What might our clients and customers need from our profession that they and we have not yet envisioned?" 

What are the skills and the knowledge needed in such environments? What factors are influencing performance? What is the human part of performance? These are not Sci Fi questions. The future is already here. We see it when companies train their people in 3D environments, we see it in modern production lines where people and robots work hand in hand, and we see it when software takes over tens of thousands of jobs in transactional business. And we see it in professional jobs like attorneys, medical doctors, and engineers too. The speed of new developments changing our way of working is breath taking. How do we prepare ourselves for these developments? What value do we have to offer and do we have concepts that are convincing?

At the ISPI conference in Montreal we will have presentations on new developments, we will have panels to discuss implications for the work of managers, consultants and other performance improvement professionals, and first of all we will have highly interactive FutureLabs where participants take an Appreciative Inquiry approach and work together with subject matter experts, with representatives of innovative companies, and other colleagues. These FutureLabs will be a forum to outline the relevant questions we have to answer during the next years if we want to keep up with the ever faster changes. How effective will our HPT framework be in the future, what needs to change, why and how?

FutureLabs will provide room for exchanging ideas, for challenging one’s own thinking, for detecting new and surprising perspectives and opportunities. You see what is already happening in companies and exchange leading edge answers of performance improvement professionals. Join our quest for new approaches. Design your future.

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