Research Survey Guidelines

ISPI supports student and academic research surveys to support academic and professional development in the field of performance improvement. ISPI will send out survey information to our membership on a member’s behalf.  ISPI will send out up to two emails within thirty days of each other.  Students/researchers shall prepare the individual messages they wish to distribute to membership

To help a student prepare their survey research message, please review the following criteria:
1.     The student or researcher conducting the research must be an ISPI Gold Member.

2.     The student must include the following in a brief description:

     a.  Introduction (2-3 sentences)
          i. name of student or researcher’s school, program, and degree enrolled/received 
          ii. name and email of advisor(s) or department information

     b.  Research information (2-3 sentences)
          i. link to survey
          ii. brief description of study
          iii. duration of time to complete survey

     c.  Contact information (1 sentence)
          i. contact information – name, email, and phone