What is a LEAP Year?


A Message from Scott Casad, ISPI Board Preisdent

As you can all imagine, there is no shortage of people with good ideas and recommendations for the President. One great suggestion/question I received was “What does LEAP stand for?” I started explaining the concept and my vision when I was interrupted with, “No…I mean is LEAP an acronym? It should be.” Interesting. This led to a series of conversations and discussions about what exactly I intended with a LEAP year concept and how we could make LEAP into an acronym for communications and marketing. With the help of the Board, ISPI staff, and our members, here is the high-level view of our LEAP year.

ive the 10 Standards of Performance Improvement
We will recommit ourselves to the core principles and practices of performance improvement. We will let these practices and principles guide us as we explore new certification options, promote our new accreditation agreement with Hale Associates and The Institute for Performance Improvement (Judy Hale), and examine expanding our educational offerings through new workshops and partnerships with our members. We will seek a multidiscipline approach to our conferences and publications. And, in all of this, we will finalize fee structures for developing countries for growth of our membership and profession.

ngage your local ISPI chapter
We will reestablish our relationship and support of local ISPI chapters, so both our Society and local members can expand their professional networks, participate in new and unique learning and development opportunities, and seize leadership opportunities. We will look to connect with other professional associations meeting in the local community, establish community service projects to grow ISPI pro bono consulting services, and formalize agreements with international chapters and partners.

pply performance improvement research
We will reinstitute a performance improvement research agenda and evidence-based practice to move the field forward through our publications, conferences, and relationship with academia. We will foster a stronger academic connection through the development of a university/college consortium for engagement, exchange, and support of academic programs aligned with performance improvement principles and practices. When and where we can, we will synthesize existing and emerging research from outside performance improvement that augments and complements our practice.

lunge into our Annual Conferences
YES, that is plural! We will inaugurate a Fall Innovation Symposium on October 6-8, 2017, at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Through the trifecta of a local chapter (Hampton Roads), a university (Old Dominion University), and an ISPI Advocate (U.S. Coast Guard), we will create a three-day immersive learning and networking experience that weaves design thinking and performance improvement into new and agile consulting and problem-solving tools and techniques. The theme is “Innovation and Transformation by Design.”