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Trademark Information

ISPI, the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the ISPI logo are trade marks of the International Society for Performance Improvement, and may not be used in any advertising, or publicity, or to indicate ISPI sponsorship, or affiliation with any product or service, without ISPI’s prior express written permission. Active Members (here defined as current members in good standing) and ISPI's affiliated chapter web sites may note their membership/affiliation with ISPI and use the ISPI logo on their web site(s). All approved versions of the ISPI logo may not be changed or altered with out expressed permission of ISPI. The full color, one color, and black versions of the ISPI logo can be used only on a white background. The reversed logo (or all black logo) can only be used on an all white background. Images for chapter and member use can be copied from the website and are available to download.

Copyright Notice

The contents of all materials on this web site are copyrighted by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved by ISPI, and content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of ISPI; please see Reprint Permission below.

Reprint Permission

ISPI does not charge for reprints if used for personal use. ISPI believes it is good for ISPI and the profession we serve to promote ISPI articles and the knowledge of the profession. For your personal use reprint, please submit a written request to ISPI, at: pubs@ispi.org, FAX 301-587-8573, or by mail.  We require that the reprint carry: (1) a copyright, (2) a statement that reprint permission was granted by ISPI, and (3) our web site address (www.ispi.org). For example:

© International Society for Performance Improvement

Reprinted with permission of the International Society for

Performance Improvement, www.ispi.org.

We do charge when the information is being used for commercial purposes, for example:  if the reprinted material is used for a paid workshop in which the author(s) are not participants. If commercial use is desired, please submit a written request for pricing information to ISPI, at:pubs@ispi.org, FAX 301-587-8573, or by mail.  Please provide the following information:  (1) the cost being charged for the program, (2) the number of reprints, and (3) the duration time over which permission is requested.

To request permission please download ISPI Permission Request Form (pdf) and email topubs@ispi.org or mail to:

ISPI Publications
PO Box 13035
Silver Spring, MD  20910  USA

Privacy Policy

ISPI recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of your personal information. ISPI has adopted this Privacy Policy to inform web site visitors how ISPI collects, stores, and uses Personal Information.  Please note: this policy applies only to information collected by ISPI.ORG online, as specified below (see Cookies), and does not govern information collected for ISPI by other means.


ISPI.ORG places a "cookie" on your computer to store information about your visits to ISPI.ORG. The cookie is used to identify you to ISPI.ORG and track general (not individual) web site usage. If you choose to disable cookies on your computer, please note that cookies are not required to view all parts of ISPI.ORG.  Cookies are required for account and payment transactions.

ISPI uses your email address for the following purposes:

(1) As a means to correspond with members and customers on ISPI matters that may include but are not limited to membership status, confirming and updating contact information, billing, registration for events, and order confirmations.

(2) As a means to distribute information to members and customers on a periodic basis that may include but is not limited to PerformanceXpress, membership and customer news, and conference or product special offers.

The email address used for the above purposes is that which is provided on your member/customer record. You may view, edit, or delete your email address by logging onto My ISPI and clicking on your name to obtain your ISPI account record. You may opt to preserve your ability to receive correspondence from ISPI by email but be excluded from email notices not related to purposes listed in item (1) above by sending an email to mailto:membership@ispi.org?Subject=Please Remove from Email Notices.

ISPI does not distribute or sell the email addresses of its members or anyone in our association database.

Publications - Text Adoption Policy

Examination copies of all titles published by ISPI only are available to school or college teachers considering them for classroom use. Please mail or fax your request for specific titles on your institution’s stationery. Limit: one per title/three titles per request. Please note that an invoice is automatically included with all examination copies. We ask that you review all titles for up to 60 days and then either return or pay for them. If a title is adopted for a course, the examination copy is credited and becomes a free desk copy.

Federal Identification Number

ISPI is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization.  ISPI's Federal Identification Number: 74-1470720.


Dates, prices, titles, shipping and handling charges, and manufacturing specifications of all ISPI products, including but not limited to Bookstore and Event sales, are subject to change without notice.