Academic Consortium Membership


The ISPI Academic Consortium is an exclusive membership among academic programs within colleges and universities that impact or draw from the research and practice of performance improvement. The Academic Consortium will work collaboratively with one another and the Society to transform learning, strengthen relationships, find pathways to introduce students to both the practicing and professional field of performance improvement, and make valuable contributions to the field through service and research.


The goals of the ISPI Academic Consortium include:

  1. Re-energize ISPI academia relationship
  2. Provide a cost-effective way for colleges and universities to partner with ISPI
  3. Bring new practitioners and researchers to ISPI membership
  4. Increase academia participation in conferences, publications, and certification
  5. Provide value-added opportunities for students and faculty

Membership Requirements:
Any program within a degree-granting, accredited college or university may become a member of the ISPI Academic Consortium.

Membership Tier:



Emeritus Membership
$3500 Annually 
Associate Membership
$2500 Annually
Scholar Membership
$1500 Annually 
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*Refund Policy: Any requests for refunds will be processed as a credit to membership accounts. Credits may be put toward any ISPI event or product, and will never expire. 

*Membership fees are non-transferable