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"ISPI has enriched my career in so many ways and I can attribute much of my success to research and association with ISPI ."
– Rose, ISPI Lifetime Member


After attending the Annual Conference, Abimbola "fell in love with the community of ISPI and what the Society stood for."
– Abimbola, ISPI CPT


Eric became a member of ISPI "because it supports my interest in learning performance improvement and how to look at demands for training through a special lens. I can create more value for my clients by having defensible, evidence-based support for solutions other than training, which also pushing me to create really engaging training when that is the clear solution."
– Eric, ISPI Student Member


ISPI has given her “the latest information on what is happening in practice and research.”
– Carla, Capella graduate


"The credibility I have…has connected me with business, academia and government opportunities."
– Mark, ISPI Chapter Member

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