Improving Workplace Performance

The following program is offered through a partnership and is not an ISPI owned product or service. ISPI is proud to partner with and support the work of our members who continue to find new and innovative ways to engage in the field of performance improvement. If you have an idea or proposal and are interested in learning more of how to partner with ISPI, please email

Every day, managers and supervisors look at the present level of performance and compare it to the desired level. Then they usually apply solutions that they or others have used in the past. Unfortunately, these solutions are often ineffective and may even decrease performance.

This one-day workshop, based on the work of Dr. Roger Chevalier, will enable managers, supervisors, and trainers to use a systematic approach to defining, addressing, and eliminating gaps in workplace performance.

The workshop is most effective when you bring a performance issue from your workplace and apply the skills and tools from the workshop to that performance gap. Upon documentation of the intervention and evaluation, you can earn a Performance Improvement Practitioner certificate from ISPI.

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