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The Leadership Pilgrimage

July 17 @ 1:00-5:00PM EST
James Gehrke

“The Leadership Pilgrimage: The Way to Personal, Team, & Organizational Excellence”

This institute is a virtual journey; a pilgrimage, where participants identify the leadership principles & traits that will improve effectiveness. In the past, pilgrims believed that through the sacrifice of their journey they would achieve enlightenment seeking answers to "BIG" questions. In this virtual leadership journey we will answer the "BIG" leadership questions to magnify personal, team & organizational excellence: What is leadership? What is my purpose as a leader? Why should others follow me?

Participants will be able to…

1. Identify their career purpose by recognizing personal core values and defining a legacy statement.
2. Hold themselves accountable for setting and obtaining career goals and adapting and persevering to achieve them.
3. Become more effective “servant leaders” by developing an “outward” focus on service to key stakeholders.
4. Engage others by effectively communicating and inspiring others and celebrating achievements.


Values survey – helps participants narrow focus on key internal motivators
Legacy Goal Statement – tool that helps identify leadership goals.
Leadership Credential – tool that helps synthesize learning outcomes into a visual reminder of core values, legacy goals and symbols.

Magnifying the potential of managers and organizations is James’ passion. As a leadership development consultant, James has developed training solutions for numerous global organizations addressing diverse topics. James has worked with organizations in 55+ countries. He is also the author of: Magnify Change Leadership: A Practical Guide for Leading Teams in Times of Change. James has a Masters of Management/Leadership, an undergraduate degree in Organizational Communications, & certificates in Spanish language & culture.
7/17/2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM