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Each monthly issue of PerformanceXpress contains exciting feature articles highlighting current developments and ideas in performance improvement, as well as regular columns written by dedicated professionals spotting trends, presenting Human Performance Technology (HPT) case studies, and delving into behavioral science. The columns are categorized by titles below in the Performance Archives. You may view full issues of the newsletter by clicking on the Current and Past Issue links above, or read select columns: the choice is yours. It’s all here organized to give you quick access to the best online content for performance improvement professionals.

Note: All text is due by the 15th of each month for the following month.

These are feature articles written by members, non-members, or other sources serving as informational articles about industry trends, quick tips, case studies, etc. When submitting an original article (in a Word document) we request the following as well:

  • 500-700 words per article
  • Biography(s) of the author(s)
  • Sources (if applicable)
  • Image(s) 72 dpi (or greater) at a minimum of 200x200 pixels
  • We request images of the author or related original photo or illustration.

Remember to include all authors and contact information and send to:

Society News 
This section consists of news items from the Society. Any news pieces coming from ISPI that are not conference related go into this section. Examples include:

  • Dissertation awards
  • ISPI EMEA conferences
  • Volunteer activities
  • Business partnership opportunities through ISPI’s RFP Process
  • Ithaca course announcements
  • Invitation to participate in research studies from graduate students
  • New organizational members
  • ISPI SkillCasts
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Honorary awards
  • Call for Papers

This section of the newsletter consists of articles from consistent contributors. There are currently 4 columns:

  • THE Performance Improvement Conference
    These are society articles written by ISPI or ISPI contractors serving as promotional, updates, and news items related to ISPI’s annual conference. Previous examples of articles include:

  • Reasons to attend the conference
  • Keynote announcements
  • Keynote interviews
  • Workshop Listings
  • Contests
  • Sponsorships
  • Testimonials
  • Updates from Committees
  • Registration Deadlines
  • Conference proposals/deadline announcements

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