The theme for the 2016 ISPI Annual Conference is “Connect, Innovate, Integrate.” 
 Our popular Pre-Conference Workshops, Roundtable Session, Facilitated Networking, Chapter Leaders Workshop and Reception, Keynote Sessions, and Awards Reception seeks to connect ISPI members to one another, as well as make connections to relevant and real-time issue in Performance Improvement through our conference tracks: Innovators, Research to Practice, PI in Developing Countries, Applied PI, Skill Builders, and PI and Systems Thinking.  

Our new additions to our conference program seek to innovate and inspire, particularly from our Master's Series featuring Harold Stolovitch, Dale Brethower, Allison Rossett, Ryan Watkins, and Roger Addison and Carol Panza.  

This year's conference also features 60 75-Minute Educational Breakout Sessions that seek to integrate new ideas and practices ranging from methodology and data driven research to donor support and team-driven performance, as well as our popular Pecha Kucha session. 

Education Sessions
75-minute presentations are still the backbone of the ISPI Conference. This format gives the presenter time to fully explore a case study, a set of tools, or a methodology, and allows attendees time to apply and try out what they have learned.
These 20-minute sessions are an excellent way for participants to invest just 20 minutes and come away with a functional understanding of a model, approach, concept or tool that they can really use tomorrow. For the 2016 ISPI Conference, 20-minute Roundtables will be offered as a General Session, also fondly known as the Cracker Barrel session.
Pecha Kucha
What is PechaKucha? PechaKucha is Japanese for “chatter” or “chit-chat.” It's a simple set of rules where presentations consist of 20 slides auto-timed at 20 seconds each. Virtually any idea or concept can be explored using this innovative format. Typically PechaKucha (pronounced pe-CHAK-cha) 20x20 presentations are almost completely graphical in nature with the presenter providing the textual narrative. We challenge you to try this relatively new session format for ISPI and join us on the creative presentation cutting-edge. These presentations will be offered as a General Session.

FOR A FULL CONFERENCE SCHEDULE, VISIT: The Performance Improvement Conference Website