In 2019, ISPI will embark on twelve months focus on the bright future of evidence-based technology and techniques that help build the skills of performance improvement practitioners. We will look at two facets of technology and the future together this coming year: 1) How will technology enhance our role as Performance Improvement professionals? 2) How can we help clients analyze new technology and adapt to the changes technology is bringing to the workplace and the workers at a pace the world is demanding?

Please send completed CFPs to with “Virtual Institute Proposal” in the subject line.

ISPI is committed to expanding opportunities for education and professional development, as well as providing a space for our members to share their knowledge based on their skills, talents, and visions for the future. We invite all Gold Level members to submit a proposal for ISPI’s Virtual Institutes.


What is a Virtual Institute?
ISPI’s Virtual Institutes will be bi-monthly, fee-based learning opportunities for members. We recognize that while budgets may be limited, the desire to continue to learn should not be confined to singular learning opportunities, especially in our field. We also recognize that ISPI has content experts ready and willing to share their knowledge. A Virtual Institute is a way to offer a low-fee, virtual-based classroom led by an expert, for a 2-hour professional development experience.


How Does it Work?
Selected proposals will be invited to be added to the Virtual Institute Schedule. Only Lead Presenters will be paid a nominal fee for their workshop, which will be based on the number of attendees. Presenters will be asked to sign a contract that outlines the terms of the agreement between them and ISPI. ISPI will setup and manage registration, as well as setup and facilitate the online platform. The Presenter will be responsible for developing all materials, and retains intellectual property rights to their material.