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Performance Assessment and Analysis

Performance Assessment and Analysis: A Systemic Approach
Friday, May 25, 2018
1:00PM - 5:00PM

Instructor - Ingrid Guerra-Lopez


Most performance improvement professionals would agree that performance assessments are critical as a means to measurably define gaps and the appropriate solutions to address them.  But how certain are we that our recommended solutions will add value to the organization and its customers?  Performance assessments are often done on a piece of a whole: a group or department within an organization, a cross-functional process, or with a single issue focus.  In the case of high scale international development initiatives, the assessment may be conducted with an organization within a government system, a set of organizations within a sector.   Therein lies the crux of system-driven assessment: the difference between the value you attribute to what you are doing and delivering and what the recipient of that output can actually do with it.  It matters little what the internal capacity, processes, or policies are if the recipient of those outputs obtains no value from them.  Without anchoring the assessment on the organization’s strategic objectives and external value added, we might be misled to uselessly spend resources on rearranging policies and processes or building skills that add little sustainable value to the organization and its target beneficiaries.  If you are interested in delivering sustainable organizational results, this workshop is for you. 


The workshop will focus on sharing a framework and related tools that support a systemic approach to organizational performance assessments.  Examples from international development case studies will be provided to contextualize the approach.  Content will be grouped around the following areas:

  • Mapping the organizational landscape
  • Planning a systemic Performance Assessment & Analysis
  • Collecting useful data
  • Making sense of organizational data
  • Influencing decisions and actions
Ingrid Guerra-Lopez is an internationally recognized performance improvement expert and bestselling author. She is the chief executive officer of the Institute for Needs Assessment and Evaluation, professor at Wayne State University, a former director on the board of ISPI and previous editor-in-chief of Performance Improvement Quarterly. Ingrid has authored eight books, over 100 articles, and facilitated hundreds of presentations and workshops on topics related to performance assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic alignment.
5/25/2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM