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Our Current Engagement Touchpoints


By Jie Chen, ISPI BABS Chapter, Boise State University OPWL Student

“Engagement" has been our focus for a long time. Specifically, when using “engagement,” we refer to how an individual, member or non-member is engaging online—in terms of chapter website visits, email blast opens, webinar and event participations, networking, and social media mentions, “likes” or “follows.”

What member “touchpoints” should we focus our attention and resources? Recently ISPI BABS chapter has initiated two activities in order to maintain and increase member engagement through email communication and social media.

The first touchpoint is to involve members in contributing articles to PerformanceXPress. We encourage members to post their professional profile in our chapter column “Meeting with a Chapter Member.” Meanwhile, we will distribute members’ profiles within our chapter communication email blast, in addition to PerformanceXpress, so that members can “meet and greet” virtually.

What is it that our members can get from posting their professional profile in our “Meeting with a Member” chapter column? For instance, they can:

  • Connect with our communities and our parent organization, ISPI, and our chapter.
  • Grow exposure in our field.

  • All our members need to do is:

  • Get their original piece (plus a headshot) from their LinkedIn profile or other sources.
  • Refine and polish it, and make sure to include accomplishments/relevant experience/skills/contact info (LinkedIn profile link, email address,etc.).
  • Send it Each issue is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The second touchpoint is to try Twitter @ISPIBABS, starting from fulfilling the following fundamental goals:
  • Inform audience news and events updates.
  • Provide members and others with ways to get involved.
  • With these free Twitter analytics tools, we will see what we get in three months so as to determine how we leverage social media tools in the future. 

  • According to some best practices of social media for NGOs, what we tweet now includes:

  • News and events updates (using two hashtags, with simple graphics, with link, always call-to-action) 
  • Retweet another Twitter account (from our following and Twitter lists). Visit

We expect to accumulate success experience through these initiatives for identifying and developing a framework to both retain existing members and attract new members. Also, we hope this article ideas to help you start to think about your member engagement strategies that meet your specific needs.

About the Author

Jie Chen has six years of experience in learning and talent development, together with exposure to generalist human resources. She has a bachelor’s degree in public health administration from Fudan University (China), and began the Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) master’s program in August 2015. She has been volunteering her services as a marketing co-VP in the ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter since April 2016. She can be reached at